Membership Qualifications


General Academic Eligibility

Accredited membership is the practitioner category of membership. This category is the only category suitable for a practitioner, and entitles the member to the full range of professional benefits. To meet the academic qualifications required by ATMS, an applicant must have successfully completed study in a course accredited by ATMS; or successfully completed a non accredited course which in the opinion of ATMS is of an equivalent standard to the applicable ATMS academic criteria. Applicants with qualifications obtained more than 5 years previously need to provide evidence of relevant work experience or similar professional involvement, ongoing education etc. Please contact the ATMS Registrar for more information.

Overseas Qualifications

ATMS Accredited Membership: ATMS does assess overseas applications, but request evidence that the course of study meets our requirements in terms of subjects, hours per subject and hours of face to face supervised clinical training. Please contact the ATMS office for a copy of the relevant requirements template.

Australian Health Funds: The health funds DO NOT RECOGNISE overseas qualifications.

Australian Qualification: If health fund provider status is important to you, then you may wish to consider applying for advanced standing to gain the Australian government accredited qualification. For a list of ATMS accredited colleges, please contact the ATMS office.

Applicants from a Non English Speaking Background

ATMS considers that a competent knowledge of English is important for the safe practice of natural medicine in Australia. To practise safely, a practitioner should be able to communicate competently in English in all applicable circumstances, including with patients, their families and other health care practitioners.

Permission to Work in Australia

A person applying for accredited membership must have permission to work in Australia.

Other Eligibility Criteria

The above eligibility criteria are the primary specific criteria at the time of publication. In addition an applicant must be of good character. ATMS may amend its membership eligibility criteria at any time, and that criteria will be applied regardless of whether or not it is published in the Membership Information and Application Form.