The practice of natural medicine is wholistic. This means that a properly trained natural medicine practitioner will consider the person, not a named health condition. Of course symptom relief is important and is one of the aims of a wholistic natural medicine treatment. However, wholistic practitioners also consider areas like lifestyle and diet to identify possible underlying causes of ill health and loss of full wellbeing.

The wholistic practice of natural medicine also extends to identifying the most appropriate modality, or type of therapy, both for the individual and the presenting health concerns.

Qualified natural medicine practitioners can offer advice and guidance. However it is often the person seeking better health who will first make this decision, based
 on their likes and dislikes.

This page will assist you to locate the most appropriate therapy for you and your concerns, and to take the first step along the path of a wholistic natural medicine treatment. Please browse the list of ‘Modalities’ on the left hand side to learn a little more about the modalities ATMS accredited members practise.

When you have decided on a therapy that is right for you, just click on ‘Find A Practitioner’ above to search for the appropriate ATMS accredited therapist.

Practice of Natural Medicine