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The Systemic End Organ Impact of Intestinal Dysbiosis -
The Microbiome, Epigenetic Expression & Chronic Disease

Presenter: Giselle Cooke


Build Your Ideal Clinic
Presented by Angela Counsel


Pearls For Prescribing Herbal Medicine
Presented by Diana Mund


Ayurvedic approaches to digestive health and wellbeing
Presented by Shaun Matthews


Oral health - A User's and Practitioners Guide
Presented by Dr Ron Ehrlich



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Arthritis/Rose Hip
Presenter: Stephen Eddey

Presenter: Cindy Slater

How to get up from a business or life beating
Presenter: Nick Psaila

Research Technique
Presenter: Stephen Eddey

The Complete Patient Order System
Presenter: Bill Palmer

The Inflammaging Syndrome
Presenter: Stephen Eddey

The six foundations to an incredible life and highly profitable business
Presenter: Nick Psaila

Uncovering your invisible hurdles that are stopping you from succeeding
Presenter: Nick Psaila