Traditional Chinese Massage Eligibility

Health Funds

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Definition of Treatment

Chinese Massage therapy is a holistic approach to health care that not only provides relief from physical ailments, but also relaxes and revitalizes the body and mind. Chinese massage stimulates the circulatory system and the nervous system. It provides relief from chronic pain and improves the strength and flexibility of the various parts of the body. Regular Chinese massage can assist many degenerative muscular diseases.

Chinese massage stimulates the immune system and increases strength and resilience of the body, to treat injuries, bruises and facilitates the removal of scar tissue. Chinese massage is performed using compression, friction, joint manipulation, swing, pinching and grasping, percussion and vibration. These techniques help in removing blockages of QI, improve blood circulation and relieve muscular stiffness in various parts of the body. Therefore these massage techniques are helpful in treating abdominal, back, chest and limb problems. They also help in improving the flexibility of the spine and gastrointestinal functions. They also help in improving the flexibility of the spine and gastrointestinal functions.Chinese massage can also relax and re-energize the mind and is an excellent way of assisting with day to day stress and anxiety. 

The assessment must include the development of a specific treatment plan as to the best course of treatment for the patient’s condition/injury. This treatment plan forms the basis of the clinical notes. These notes must be consistent with the ATMS Code of Conduct, the Unregistered Health Practitioner Act and the additional requirements set by the health funds.