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Complementary medicine is a holistic approach to the prevention, diagnosis and therapeutic management of a wide range of disorders in the community. Complementary medicine practice is founded on the development of a therapeutic relationship and the implementation of therapeutic strategies based on holistic principles. Complementary medicine encompasses a diversity of practices to improve the health status of the individual and community for the common good.

The aim of the Code of Conduct is to make it easier for members to understand the conduct which is acceptable to ATMS, the complementary medicine profession, to the larger community and to identify unacceptable behaviour. The Ethical Principles underpin the standards of professional conduct as set out in the Code of Conduct. The intention of the Code of Conduct is to identify ethical dilemmas and assist ATMS members in resolving them. ATMS members are accountable for their clinical decision making and have moral and legal obligations for the provision of safe and competent practice.

Where an ATMS member encounters an ethical quandary, it is advisable to seek appropriate advice. If this action does not solve the matter, the advice of ATMS should be sought.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to:...Read More