Counselling Eligibility

Health Funds

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Definition of Treatment

Counselling is a therapeutic relationship between a qualified counsellor and the client. It is both professional and intentional. In difficult circumstances, family members and friends are unable to provide an objective point of view. Counselling offers this objective perspective, thus enabling the client to gain insights and strategies to assist in managing their particular situation.

Counselling usually takes place on a one-to-one basis:

  •  A counsellor and client will normally sit with one another for an hour to discuss any relevant issues which are presented by the client.
  • The counselling process involves a ‘getting to know you’ period just like any new relationship.
  • The client is able to choose a counsellor and counselling style which is best suited to their particular situation.
  • In order to make the counselling process as comfortable as possible, you may request either a male or female counsellor.
  • The counsellor and client play an equal role in the counselling process. There is no ‘expert’ in a counselling relationship.
  • The counsellor’s intention is to make the counselling process both safe and supportive.